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Results of the ARCHIGINEER AFRICA #2 International Competition Spécial

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The ARCHIGINEER AFRICA INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION is an annual event, born of the shared willing of AFRIKArchi todevelop the teaching and the professions ofarchitecture, town planning and civil engineering in Africa . Our aim through this major project is to encourage, stimulate and reward creativity and inventiveness of African talent of today and tomorrow , with a view to development of the African continent .
This contest, free of charge, is open to young professionals and students enrolled in architecture, town planning and civil engineeringschools, universities or polytechnics in Africa and overseas. Participants had the opportunity to enroll alone, or in teams of up to four people.
Thus, for this second edition, the chosen topic was "Market in urban area in Africa" , in response to real and current issues on the African continent. The competition was launched on 1st October 2013 and was closed on 31st January , 2014 .
Like its first edition , we have registered more than 1 000 participants, professionnals and students enrolled in about 80 schools , universities or polytechnics in Africa, from more than 30 countries. As a novelty, we noted a strong participation of young professionals in Africa and abroad such as Canada, Ukraine, France, Belgium. But also, the participation of African countries absent in the first edition such as Malawi, Mauritius, Madagascar. These statistics have once again exceeded our expectations for this second edition.
They also demonstrated a real willingness of professionals and students to cultivate a spirit of challenge , to advance architecture, urban planning, civil engineering as major development challenges of Africa. Participants were from both the Maghreb, Sub-Saharan Africaand abroad, french speaking but also english speaking.
To evaluate the projects, AFRIKArchi convened an international and multidisciplinary jury , bringing together architects, town planners, engineers, sociologists, historians ... and chaired by architect and landscape designer Denis TARGOWLA. The other members of the jury were: Fiona MEADOWS, Mahmoud Keldi, Franck HOUNDEGLA, Emmanuel AMOUGOU, Monica CORALLI, Francis SESSOU, Alpha Mamadou Sow, Seyfeddine CHARRABEN.
The jury deliberation was held on 25th February, 2014atCité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine, Palais de Chaillot in Paris. Following this deliberation, three winners were chosen and special mentions were dedicated to three projects, and several projects have been selected to participate in the international exhibition. This will take place from March 2014 in several cities accross Africa and elsewhere : Addis Ababa, Alger, Bamako, Kampala , Kumasi, Lome, Mumbai, New York (tbc), Paris, Tokyo (tbc), Rabat, Tunis, Uberlandia in Brazil ...
As in the first edition, in order to promote young talents, a Book featuring the best projects (prizewinners and selected projects for the exhibition) will be published soon. This is the first of its kind in Africa!
1st Price : 1 500 € | 2nd Price : 1 000 € | 3rd Price : 750 €
  International Exhibition of selected projects
1st Prize : Team n° 13650ATKILTE TERRA – Yohannes AKNAW & Tilahun DAGMAWI –Students at Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development (EiABC), Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

2nd Prize : Team n° 13881 SANDAGA BOU BESS MARKET – Amaury PRUD'HOMME & Michaël NASR –Respectivly Architects graduated from ENSA de Versailles and Université catholique de Louvain Dakar, Senegal

3rd Prize : Team n° 13313L'OASIS URBAINE Amari HOUDA & Saâd DEROUICHRespectivly Students at Ecole Nationale d'Architecture of Rabat et Architect graduated from Ecole Supérieure d'Arhitecture de Casablanca – Rabat, Maroc

Also received Special Mention of the Jury, the following projects :
Special Mention of the Jury: Team n° 13886UN SOUK LINEAIRE FAIT PAR LES COMMERCANTS POUR LES COMMERCANTSSalim KHATTABI –  Student at ENSA Paris Val de SeineCasablanca, Maroc

Special Mention of the JuryTeam n° 13632G5Sakina DOUIRI & Sophia ZAHIStudent at Ecole Nationale d'Architecture of RabatRabat, Maroc

Special Mention of the JuryTeam n° 13566RABAT GREEN SOUKAlmamoune BENKIRANE& Zineb REZNARA Students at Ecole Nationale d'Architecture of RabatRabat, Maroc

Also have been selected for the ARCHIGINEER AFRICA International Exhibition, the following projects :
- Team13754 : LE MARCHE DES SABLES –Fatima Zahra BENYAHIAStudentat Ecole Nationale d'Architecture of RabatOuarzazate, Maroc
- Team13635 : AL AMAL MARKETSalma HAOUDI & Aicha ECH-CHERIF EL KETTANI Students at Ecole Nationale d'Architecture of RabatRabat, Maroc
- Team 13654 : MARCHE EN'VOUTECyril CHABAUD,Sekou Mamadou KONE Emmanuelle SCHATZ –  RespectivelyStudents at ENSA Paris Malaquais & ENSA MontpellierBamako, Mali

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants in this second edition of the competition. We look forward to see you again among the candidates for the next edition which is scheduled for launching in October 2014.

« Together, Let's build the twenty-first century of Africa »


About AFRIKArchi
AFRIKArchi is a non-profit Association 1901 law, based in France, represented in over 15 African countries as well as Brazil, USA, China with an international network. 
Our goal is to support and enhance the education and the profession of architecture, town planning and civil engineering in Africa, to rise and spread a positive and dynamic image of african local materials used in construction, to cultivate inspiration and creativity in architects and town planners students, future engineers as well as professionals. In the same continuity, give to these actors the opportunity to discover and appreciate the architectural and technical possibilities, develop sustainable renewable energy technologies, to raise awareness of african leaders that sectors such as architecture, town planning and civil engineering conceal potential, considerable opportunities for Africa.
Our work has been divided into several activities: the organization of the international competition ARCHIGINEER AFRICA, the interntional exhibition following the selection of the best projects of the competition by the international jury. But also , the organization of conferences, debating tables, workshops, and the publication of a magazine called AFRIKArchi Magazine , and a web-radio (forthcoming).
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